Progetti di integrazione
per Soft Skills, curricula e
corsi di specializzazione
ECTEL Tutorial

ModES: MODernising higher Education through
Soft skills accreditation

  • Lucia Pannese, imaginary srl,
  • Petra Oberhuemer, University of Vienna
  • Aristidis Protopsaltis, SGI, Coventry University
  • Eva Perez, Instituto Andaluz de Tecnología
  • Maria Cinque, Università Campus Biomedico

Presentation: The tutorial addresses researchers, policy makers as well as generally interested people in the field of technology enhanced learning, serious games and soft skills training. It presents the main results of the closing ModES ERASMUS Structural Networks project that aimed at obtaining accreditation within European academic curricula of a flexible and innovative programme on soft skills addressing the necessities of the job market, with the scope to match supply and demand. To reach this aim two main products were developed: a handbook supporting TEL design for soft skills and a serious game prototype with three levels targeting three main competences necessary for young professionals to enter the business world, namely team work, communication and negotiation. After the presentation of these two results, a highly interactive hands on sessions will follow that will allow participants to play the games and to actively engage in a discussion around possible scenarios for project results to used and extend its applications.

Keywords: Serious game, soft skills, education, e-learning, game-based learning, experiential learning

Date: The tutorial will last for half a day (around 3,5hours) on the morning of September 19th

Location: The tutorial will take place during the EC TEL ( conference in Saarbruecken


9:30 – 11:00 Presentation of activities and short introduction of the project and its main results:

Overall presentation of the project

  • The Handbook
  • The ModES Serious Game prototype for Soft Skills Training
  • Piloting of the Serious Game and User Acceptance

11:00 – 12:30 Interactive Session:

Attendees, who are invited to bring their laptops with them, are invited to interact with the first 2 levels of the serious game produced with the ModES project. These two single user games are about team work and communication. Once attendees are familiar with the projects and the produced tools, the participatory design process of how to exploit findings in other training contexts, such as orienteering programs or self-regulated training will be facilitated by the organizers.

12:30 – 13:00 Comments, Feedbacks and Conclusions